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Brogans Dolphin     

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Tied and originated by Don Chattin


Hook                 3/0 to 7/0 Stainless Steel or plated

Thread             Green or Chartreuse 6/0

Body                  Yellow deerhair, yellow superhair, chartreuse pearl and green Flashabou, 2 yellow hackles, green Krystal Flash, chartreuse deerhair, red holographic tinsel, blue Krystal Flash, blue holographic tinsel, blue yak hair, 2 chartreuse hackles, 2 blue and chartreuse grizzly hackles, blue deerhair and blue and green Flashabou.

Wing                  Yellow and chartreuse ostrich herl, green yak hair, yellow superhair, peacock herl and a set of peacock swords.

Cheeks                Yellow or green marabou

Eyes                     Prizmatic eyes large

Throat                 Red Flashabou

Optional            Mono weedguard and anti-foul loop, eyes can be attached to plastic strips and tied in, coat head with nail polish prior to epoxy and add a tandem trailer hook one hook shank length behind bend.

Tying Instructions

1.  Tie in the yellow deerhair (bucktail) at rear of shank, then follow with yellow super hair wrapping around the hook shank and extending back as a V, to help aid in supporting the other materials.

2.  Tie in other listed materials with the flashabou, krystal flash and polarflash materials in the center around hook shank. The sides of the body consist of the listed bucktail and hackles. These are tied to either side to maintain a baitfish profile and entrap the flash material between them. All materials are tied with equal amounts on either side of the hook shank, use small amounts to minimize bulk and weight. The yak and blue grizzly hackles are tied on the top center of the shank, so that they flow down the middle of the fly.

3.  As you tie in materials work your way up the hook shank to build the profile for the head. Tie in a clump of herl in the center top of the shank add a peacock sword to either side curved inward.

4.  Tie in a few strands of red Flashabou for the throat.

5.  Tie in yellow or green marabou cheeks, one per side.

6.  Cement or epoxy the prizmatic eyes to the marabou.

7.  Build up smooth thread head, color upper and lower sections with blue and green markers. Coat the thread with epoxy or multiple coats of high gloss head cement.

The fly is tied at the bend of the shank, materials are placed on the sides and top allowing the hook point to be open. All deer hair and flash material should be used in very small bunches.

A Special Thanks to Dave Setoon for teaching and providing fly tying lessons and for being patient with me.