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Feature Fly
submitted by Ray Maltby

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Bend Back
Saltwater Pattern

Hook:      Mustad 34007
Thread:   micro fine monofiliment
Tail:         Deer hair
Body:       30lb test monofiliment
Wing:       Buck tail
Throat:     Krystal flash (red)
Eyes:        mylar stick on
Flash:       Krystal flash to match


Slightly bend hook to shape. Tie on with fine mono 1/8" behind eye, tie in 30 lb mono carefully positioning it on top of hook shank and then wrap back over the heavy mono with the fine mono just into the bend of hook (being careful to keep heavy mono on top of shank as you wrap over it). Wrap back to tie in point with fine mono. Using the tag end of heavy mono, neatly wind back to tie in point. Tie off with fine mono. Coat mono body with a thin coat of 5 minute epoxy.

When the epoxy has fully cured, tie in a sparse wing of white bucktail, next a very sparse amount of Krystal flash, slightly longer than bucktail. Finally tie on a darker, sparse amount of bucktail on top. Tie in a very small amount of red krystal flash on bottom side of the fly and trim to no more than 1/8" to 1/4". Wrap head to desired shape and place mylar stick on eyes on head (a couple of wraps of the fine mono will conform the eyes to the head and will disappear when you coat the head with the final coat of epoxy).


This is a very versatile fly, which works on just about any species of saltwater gamefish. It is naturally weedless and resembles a fleeing baitfish. This fly is a slight variation of the original Silver Minnow by the late Carl Hanson.