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Black Fur Ant


Tyer William Loehman



Dai-Riki 301 or other straight eye

dry hook Sizes 14 to 20


Black 8/0.


Dubbed black fur with a small amount

of brown blended in.


Partridge, crow or other soft hackle

This is a very simple, effective pattern. I usually fish it in a size

16 to 20. It's a good pattern to try on rising fish after being stumped

trying to match the hatch.

Form the distinct body shape of an ant with the dubbed fur, making the

back lump much bigger than the front lump. Finish your dubbing with the

thread in between the two lumps. In the space between the two lumps, tie

in the soft hackle and make about two turns. KEEP IT SPARSE. I usually

use a hackle slightly smaller than with traditional soft hackle flies.

Tie off and whip finish in between the humps.