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Up Christmas....... Conranch Reflections....


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Christmas Goodies
or Common substitutes that dont cost a bundle.

Christmas time is a great time to find alternative tying materials.
Below you will find a couple of the items I picked up at a local
Wal-Mart.  Although the items are not specifically made for fly

tying they work just fine and cost considerably less than at a

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Here you see four colors of holographic mylar cord and the core
from the gold one. These are about the diameter of hiking boot
laces and come in a nine foot spool, they cost $1.88 each. Brand
name is Holiday Time and they call it shimmer cord. Its also listed

as machine washable!


mylar.jpg (117991 bytes)

Heres a picture of some mylar material called Buffalo Snow
Hi-Lites it is about .5mm wide and looks like it will make a
good addition to the dubbing loop or for making dubbing
brushes. It comes in about a 6'X9" bag and is fairly well packed
in there for $2.97.
These were just a couple of the items I found in a few minutes
of shopping the other day. I didn't even look through the straight
cut mylar tinsel or the craft area at this store. Who knows what
treasures lie in wait around the next corner at your store.


Here are items found by others

These items were sent in to me by Victor Oliver from Puerto
Rico he picked up some Flashabou like material at his local
K-Mart. Victor says
" it comes in pearl, blue, red, silver and gold,
is 21" long and  is 1/8" wide per strand ,great for big flies and
the price was $2.45 each. The Brand name on the package is
Ultimate 1000 Icicles."

icicles (21888 bytes)

Ultimate Icicles 1000

iceup (25906 bytes)

Close up view


If you have any more items you would like to add please
drop me a note as I will be happy to add to this list.
This is a on going project called -
Common substitutes
that dont cost a bundle.

Robert Morger

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