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Cinnamon Parachute Ant

tied by Rick Tardy

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Cinnamon Parachute Ants
Richard Tardy


Rust Colored 8/0 Uni Thread
Size 16 Dry Fly Hook
Cinnamon Colored Beaver Dubbing
Brown Dry Fly Hackle


1. Dress hook with thread
2. Dub rear portion of fly into an "ant shaped" sphere
3. Bring thread to a point 1/4 of the shank away from the eye
4. Sparsely dub the thread in an approximately 3" span
5. Position bobbin directly above the hook and maintain thread tension
6. Slide the dubbing down the thread to form a small ball/post on top of the shank
7. Figure eight wrap the thread in front and behind the ball/post
8. Prepare the post for the hackle by winding the thread around the post but on top of the shank
9. Tie in the hackle parachute style according to your preference (I use Harry Mason's method found in the tutorial section at
10. Whip finish and apply head cement
11. Voila