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Cow Killer

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Cow Killer
Robert Morger

Hook: size 12 standard dry fly
Thread: Coffee 8/0 Guidebrod
Body: SLF Dubbing formed into a dubbing brush orange, with black chenille between .
Hackle: Black dry fly hackle

 Tie in orange SLF dubbing brush at the bend of hook wrap forward 1/3 the hook shank. Tie in hackle and black chenille, lay dibbing brush against the side of the hook shank and wrap over it with black chenille 1/2 the remaining distance. Trap with tying thread, wrap hackle forward and trim off. Take thread to the eye then wrap the SLF dubbing brush to the eye, whip finish and trim.

Fish this pattern in high summer when these ants/wasps are most common. Keep the pattern as close to the bank as you can possibly get it without hanging up. Dont add any action to it just let it drift with the current.