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Disastrous Deceiver

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Tier and originator  Keith Passant                                                                                                               *note this pattern got its name because Keith wasn't happy with the finish on the head. It was also Keith's first try at using epoxy and he didn't have any instructions or tips to work from.


Hook                 Tiemco stainless 3/0 to 5/0

Thread               Black 6/0

Body                   Pearl mylar tubing

Wing                  Lower-chartruese Krystal Flash  Upper-blue holographic tinsel and Krystal Flash with two large webby grizzly saddle hackles on the outsides.

Throat                 Red Flashabou

Head                   Built up epoxy with glitter in it.

Eyes                     Medium prizmatic

Additional        Anti-foul mono loop



1.  Tie in mono anti-foul loop at the bend of the hook, slide a section of pearl mylar over the eye to the bend of the hook and tie off.  Coat the thread with cement. Tie the thread back on at the eye and tie off the front of the mylar.

2.  Tie in a clump of chartruese Krystal Flash behind the eye of the hook.

3.  Tie in blue Krystal Flash and holographic tinsel on top of the hook shank behind the eye. Tie in a large webby grizzly saddle hackle on either side of the top of the hook shank splayed inward. 

4.   Add red holographic tinsel to either side of the fly to simulate gills.

5.  Build up head with epoxy adding glitter as needed to shape, rotate while drying. Place a medium red prizmatic eye on either side and coat once more with epoxy.

6.  Pull flash material through the mono loop to position above the  shank for anti-fouling