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Fall Flying Ant
Steven Heuser

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Steven Heuser
"Fall Flying Ant"

from Ross A. Mueller's book titled "Flies that catch trout and how to fish them. Upper Midwest Year – Round Guide"

Hook: Standard dry fly hook like TMC 100
Thread: Brown 8/0
Abdomen: Yellow SLF, mixed with yellow Australian opossum
Thorax: Brown Australian opossum
Underwing: Twinkle organza
Overwing: Elk hair
Hackle: brown, clipped top and bottom

Tying notes: Tie a prominent yellow abdomen and a small brown thorax. Tie in under wing then hackle and add a bit more to thorax, wind hackle over thorax, trim and tie in sparse hair wing.

I did not have any Australian opossum so I substituted in some Super Fine. The Twinkle organza is something that you can pick up at a fabric store like Hancock fabrics. It cost only a few dollars for a yard and a yard will last you a long time. I'll try and put a peace of it with each fly. Twinkle organza also makes great wings for Trico spinners.

Fishing notes: When I first saw this pattern in Ross' book I did not give it much thought, but I tied one up any way and stuck it in my fly box. I all most for got about it until later that summer when I was out fishing hoppers on the Tomorrow river. The fish were paying little attention to my hopper and there were steady rises on the river. So I put my C&R net in the film of the water so see what they were eating. I found that they were keyed in on this same Fall flying ant I had stuck in box many months ago. I quickly tied this fly on and started catching fish. This is a fly that you should have one or two of in your fly box. Thus it's a great fly for a swap.