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a fish and angling art show



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Micro (18 and smaller) patterns
Host Glenn Nadeau


Itty Bitty tiny hooks so small they make the eyes pop out of your head, but they catch fish........and they catch fisherman too. Come and join the fun or torture of tying up a bunch of these little eye straining beauties. Glenn Nadeau is asking for some tyers who are man or woman enough to fill the bill.



Glenn Nadeau
Participant Pattern Status
Glenn Nadeau #26 black micro caddis emerger  
Stu Farnham BWO Sangre de Cristo emerger #20  
Tony Spezio #20 Green Emerger  
Rick Bevins #22 disco midge  
Stephen Vaughn    
Thom Daniel #18R20 Meadow Lark Lemon  
Tony Flower #20 bead head caddis pupa  
Robert Haering Dead-Head Johnie  
David Diefenderfer #18 Pheasant Tail Emerger  
Kurt Standifird    
Wayne McMahon trico spinner #24  
Richard Federation Size 24 stuck shuck midge  
Gerry Ichikawa    
Wes Blevins 28 red brassie  
Jeff Collins Brassie  
Greg Delker Bead-Head Pheasant Tail Emerger  
Bill Hammons Flashback pheasant tail  
Brandon Landis Pheasant Tail Nymph #20  
Tom Tully #20 Zebra Midge  
Jeremy Christensen #18 Krystal Peacock Midge  
Jack Miller Griffith Gnat  
Harmen Boshuis Black Fly #20  
Ed Haney ??????  
Ken Cole #20 para-herl adams  


Robert M Morger
Brian Pinoy