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Hi Vis Ant
Alan DiSomma

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HOOK: Daiichi #1180 (std dry fly) Sz 12
BODY: Black closed-cell foam.
HACKLE: Black Chinese Hen


 Approx.1/8" behind the eye , lay down about 3/16" of thread to form a base for the closed-cel foam to adhere to.

Cut closed-cel foam into 1/8" wide and 1/8' high, 1.5 mm long. Make the head round and the tail come to a slight point.

Holding the body so that the end of it just comes to the eye of the hook, tie down with two loose wraps and then pull straight up tightening to thread around the body. Wrap back towards the bend just enough to make an elongated mid-section. Put one half hitch in to make sure you don't unwrap the body.

This should make the head and tail stick up from the shank of the hook.

Take the butt end of a small black hackle and cut off any philopulme. ( I always trim along close to the shank of the feather on both sides and leave minute pieces of the barbules on). Tie in the hackle and put one or two wraps on and tie off. Cut off the unwanted ends of the hackle and apply a small drop of head cement to the underside of the body. Cut off any barbules sticking straight up and straight down. This is to make the appearance of legs sticking out the sides of the ant body.

You can leave the ant like this or add some poly yarn or some other material to make the fly more visible on the water.

To the back of the body you put a small drop of nail polish ( whatever color you happen to be using at the time). I use left over egg yarn from a roe pattern. I like the bright orange, but you can use any color your eyes pick out the best.