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John McBride's Page
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I am a 41 year old that has been a machine operator in a rubber lathe cut factory for 18 years. I have a set of twin girls 15 yrs.old from my first marriage, and my current wife has two boys 23, and 25. We have 5 grand kids 8, 3, 2, 2, and 2 months.

Used to help build circle track race cars. (won season championship at local track as crew chief.) Built a 1947 ford coupe with the help of my ex-father in law, and for 10 years traveled in the coupe all over the U.S. on streetrod runs every weekend.

Raised to fish, and flytie very young, and try to teach young'uns every chance Iget. Favorites are bluegills, perch and pike. AND I EAT EM'!! I tie my flies for the prey, not for display!!

Hosted two flyswaps at the Virtual Fly Box." Catch/cook", and" Dopelganger". Have a fishing background article at flyanglersonline, under "Panfish", and a" small fries, and flies" that's not posted yet.
Robert has some of my articles he is going to post, and has a mug shot of me. (And the wife that puts up with me!)

I live in a county in Indiana that has 101 lakes, so my dad and I try to use most of them.



John's first contribution to this website

Sweetening the Pot

Hi Vis Spey Ant
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