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Miss Tiffany Ant

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Miss Tiffany
Tied by Glen Spackman

Nb: the original Miss Tiffany was a rather leggy stripper in Wellington in the '60's. The design is named after her in recognition of the oversize hackle, [long "legs"], used.

Miss Tiffany
Tied by Glen Spackman
Wellington, New Zealand, 29/12/99

Hook: TMC 100, size 14
Thread: Black 6/0
Beacon Post: 1" hank from yellow braided nylon rope that has been unwound.(Any fluoro/high vis material will do)
Hackle: Orange, oversize, for approx. size 10 hook.
Thorax: Umpqua Black Crystal Seal
Abdomen:Umpqua Light Olive Crystal Seal

Tying Instructions

- Place hook in vice and attach thread to hook shank, behind eye. Wind down shank to bend of hook. Give windings a light brush with head cement.

Wind thread back to point midway along 1st 1/3rd of hook behind eye.

- Attach post material to top of hook shank with light crisscross wraps, then rotate material to bottom of shank. (Note 1) Fold both sides of post upwards & apply several wraps at base, apply drop of head cement to wraps to secure. Take thread to front of post.

- To construct thorax, form an approx. one inch dubbing loop and hold open with a dubbing loop tool. (Note 2) Tie off loop & take thread to be behind post, approx. 1/16 inch from back of post. Wax loop & place a pinch of black dubbing material inside loop. Twist loop & remove dubbing loop tool. Wrap black dubbing approx. 2 wraps in front of post, and 3 or 4 wraps behind. Tie off dubbing loop with thread then take thread to bend of hook. Trim post to length.

- Form another dubbing loop, as for thorax, tie off on shank & take thread back along shank to 1/32 inches behind where thorax ends. Wax loop, twist around pinch of Light Olive Crystal Seal. Wind abdomen back to thread and tie down.

- Take oversize orange hackle feather and cut off bottom 1/3rd.

Tie down base of hackle between abdomen and thorax and wrap hackle 4 times then tie off and clip feather. Take thread to eye & whip finish behind eye. Apply dab of head cement.


(1)Tying in the post and the general construction of Miss Tiffany are based on the techniques outlined by Dave Engerbertson, p41 of the Autumn 1999 issue of Fly Tyer magazine.

(2) An excellent illustrated guide to loop dubbing is given at the web site: