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  Nearnough Squid

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Nearnough Squid

Tied by Richard Federation



1/0 or bigger Mustad 3407 or 34007


White tying thread Your favorite


White or clear synthetic crinkled nylon wing material. 12"

long with long saddle hackles covering nylon.


Pink Yarn wrapped over weight if used


Large white chenille over the underbody of pink yarn

Squid head fins

White marabou


Large white doll eyes with black pupils. The larger the better.


1. Tie in the long nylon wing material just before the bend of the hook and extending

rearward about 5" or so. Then tie in long white saddle hackle on both sides of the

shank extending rearward but short of the nylon material. Tie in a minimum of 4 saddle


2. Add weight now if desired. Tie in large white chenille and put in material clip. Add pink

yarn and wrap the under body, build it up so it is thicker at the base of the saddle hackles.

Wrap large white chenille to the eye and trim off.

3. Now tie in the white marabou, a small bunch on either side of the hook shank, with tips

extending rearward to the point of the hook. It can be a little longer or shorter it really

doesn’t matter(one reason for the name) All the marabou needs to be on the sides not the

top or bottom. Don’t trim the butts of the marabou short, keep them long because you are

going to pull them back towards the rear and tie them off. Trim the marabou to a rough

arrow head shape when viewed from the top or bottom.

4. Glue large doll eyes at the base of the tentacles and you are done.