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a fish and angling art show



Here is a great selection of Hunting & Fishing magazines.


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Nymph Swap
Click on the picture for pattern.

Carey Special
dzinger.jpg (51463 bytes)
Don Zinger
Bromley Nymph
dschaeffer.jpg (21281 bytes)
Don Schaeffer
Purple Haze
gspackman.jpg (16653 bytes)
Glen Spackman
Red eyed Damsel
rmorger.jpg (41962 bytes)
Robert Morger
Little Black Dress
imitchelns.jpg (122927 bytes)
Ian Mitchell

Orange Pheasant tail
rzillman.jpg (13343 bytes)
Rene Zillman
mkowalns.jpg (114467 bytes)
Mark Kowal
tdanielns.jpg (112986 bytes)
Thom Daniel
Red Squirrel Nymph
jlofgrenns.jpg (67781 bytes)
Joe Lofgren
rwallace.jpg (13745 bytes)
Ray Wallace
Flashback Pheasant tail
hhgib2ns.jpg (73624 bytes)
Heidi Hess Gibson
acadyns.jpg (111330 bytes)
Aaron Cady
Turkey Tail 
ckocian.jpg (14931 bytes)
Karl Kocian

emeridethns.jpg (118164 bytes)
Eric Meredith
Leib's Bug
jtoneyns.jpg (99248 bytes)
Jimmie G Toney
Peacock Back Nymph
cmcpherson.jpg (16345 bytes)
Colin J McPherson
Little beadhead nymph
jmiller.jpg (79275 bytes)
Jack Miller
jercynns.jpg (122591 bytes)
Jeremy Christensen
Olive nymph
mwaschekns.jpg (126406 bytes)
Mark Waschek
Cased Caddis
pmeirns.jpg (114690 bytes)
Paul Meir
Denny's stillwater nymph
ehaney.jpg (35512 bytes)

Ed Haney