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Tammy DiGristine

The stars in the skies that shine in her eyes
The jungles hold secrets and mysteries and lies
The light of the moon spells doom and gloom
She will run soon to the tomb of her room

And then once asleep come the dreams and the screams
As the spirits they keep their schemes and their streams
The woman who fishes, green eyes and so wise
Is the one who now wishes for no surprise and no lies

For once with her rod she caught and she got
A mystery no god would have sought or have wrought
The visions they came and they show what they show
As the jungle rain falls so low and so slow

With only a fly at the time on her line
She passed through the eye of the line of time
As she fought for control of all that she knows
She also sought the toll for all the unknown

And with the screams of the peel of her reel
She slipped into dreams so unstill and so real
And then in the end it was she who was caught
With a huff of the wind it was she who was sought

All that remained of her there was a reel and a fly
As they strained to find her and to seal up the why
The jungle it holds her within fast in the past
From there it scolds her for the last of her casts

The moon in sky holds her face if you see
The forest hold her body in the form of the trees
And somewhere in the jungle lingers her soul
You can hear her casting when the wind it does blow

Somewhere in the jungle the woman she lives
In hope that with each cast the jungle will give
The answers to secrets the wind whispered in her mind
Forever she’ll remain there and never will she find

The stars in the skies they shine like her eyes
The jungles hold secrets and mysteries and lies
And if it is answers you seek when you cast
You may find them and reap them in the jungles at last.

 Tammy DiGristine