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Red Foam Sinking Ant

tied by Jack Reynolds

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Hook Size 12 wet fly hook
Thread to match foam or black
Body 1/2 size 12 foam spider body
Legs Brown or black hackle


TAKE the size 12 spider body and lay it flat on tying table flat side down and cut it down the center length wise. Each body will give 2 ant bodies.

Put size 12 wet fly hook in vise and dress shank to bend of hook. Tie in hackle on bottom of shank thin place the body on shank with rounded side up and v point on top of shank and narrow end just behind eye of hook. This will leave a round and very ant shaped rear sticking out over the end of the bend of the hook. Wrap the body securely at the bend of the hook then wrap under the body on the shank about half way to the eye then wrap the body down again. Now wrap the hackle forward (no more than 3 turns or it will float) and tie off hackle. I usually cement here also. Then wrap under the foam to just behind the eye and wrap the small end of the body down and make a head with thread. Whip finish and cement head.

Fish along weeds and along shore lines I have taken several kinds of fish on these flies even bass fished on a swimming beach after they closed for the evening.