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a fish and angling art show



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Host Keith Passant/ Co Host Robert Morger


 Tie 15 flies for any species i.e Fresh, Salt or Brackish water fish. 

Use two (2) materials i.e. Marabou and Chenille to make the fly.This does not include : Hook, Thread, Rib material or Weights i.e. lead underbody, Chain-eyes, lead dumbbells. You can use 2 colors of one material it still counts as one material.   Send the flies to reach the swapmeister by the 29th Feb 2000. E-Mail Robert with recipe and tying instructions.  Hope to get them back to you by mid March.  You will not get your own fly back.

Keith Passant
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Robert Morger
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Marabou Bastard
Jimmie G. Toney
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Don Chattin
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Robert Terrell
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Hare's Ear Softhackle
John McBride
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Crippled Minnow
Darrin Essex
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Jack Miller
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Own Invention
Mark Kowal
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Midas Touch
Eric Kolcinski
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Gaudy Crappie Thing
Rick Mangus
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Sulfer Wet
Alan DiSomma
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