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   Squid Fly

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Tied By Mike Norris




Tiemco 911ss 4/0


Danville flat waxed


Spirit River 1/4" or Doll eyes


Webby salt water hackle

purple Super Hair


White chenille

Front Wing

White bucktail


1. Tie in saddles in the rear in a circular pattern splayed outwards.

2. Tie in purple Super Hair on either side of the saddle hackles.

3. Tie in doll or lead eyes about half way up the shank.

These are on the fly for their profile not the weight.

4. Start the chenille at the base of the saddle hackle wind up the body

going around the eyes.

5. Tie in a clump of bucktail in the front to give the profile of the wings.

You can also spin and trim deer hair for the wing.