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overall length 11 inches
Tied By Robert Morger

Hook:  Eagle Claw S.S. 7/0
Thread:  White Monocord
Tail: White Craft fur with holographic gold, silver, pearl and chartruese flashabou material tied on top of.
Body:  3/4" size E-Z Body with clear mylar underneath
Eyes:  Prizmatic tape and Permanent ink marker
Epoxy coat body
Take E-Z Body material and slide over a large dowel rod that has clear mylar sheeting covering it. Dowel should be 3/4" diameter or so. When the E-Z Body is on the dowel completely start making marks every inch down the length. Use a pencil or other marker that wont show up real well when you color with permanent ink markers. Take epoxy and coat the inch wide area between the 2nd and 3rd marks. Then coat every third area. In other words you skip the first inch, coat the second inch, skip the next two inches coat the next inch, skip the next 2 inches coat the next etc.

When the epoxy dries you will take a razor knife and cut the E-Z Body so that you have 1 inch of uncoated are on either side of the coated area. The mylar material that was wrapped around the dowel should be attached to the inside of the body also.

Take the hook and place it in the vise. Attach thread near the bend and add a drop of superglue, take a pencil diameter clump of white craft fur and tie in all the way around the shank at the bend. Then start adding different colors of flash material around the craft fur to add bulk and depth to the back of the fly. Keep all this material close to the bend. When the tail is built up to your satisfaction whip finish add adrop of super glue and trim off thread.

Slip the premade body over the eye of the hook all the way so that the tips of the non coated E-Z Body material are near the eye. Attach thread and tie these tips down tightly add super glue and let set whip fish and cut off thread. When super glue is dry take hold of the body by the portion that is coated and pull it forward to the eye this should cause the material to slide over itself making a cupped face. Now add any markings etc. with the permanent ink markers of your choice and add the eyes to the sides of the head.  Coat the head taking care to get the interior of the cupped face and all the way back to end of where you coated it originally. Leave the back inch loose and pick out with a bodkin this will help keep the hook from fouling trim to shape desired. I added red ink to simulate gills.

This fly is to be cast to fish that have been teased to the surface or trolled on a sinking line to schooling fish.