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  Ever wonder what that mug on the other side of the computer screen looks like?  Here are some of those guys you've been sending e-mails to for all this time.  Here you can see pictures of some of the members who frequent the ONTHEFLY list, read some of thier stories, view some of thier flies.

Click on the picture for more information or larger images.

TomTony (101480 bytes)Tony Spezio upe5024.jpg (163270 bytes)John McBride Dor one list.jpg (133736 bytes)Jerry Goldsmith
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Keith Passant

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Tammy DiGristine

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Alan DiSomma

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Edd G Monaco
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Kathy Johnson


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  Here's a couple of lister Maury Schiowitz
( with his 36
pound gag grouper caught on the fly off of
Jensen Beach, Florida. He used a 12 wt sinking line and a Eat Me Fly to snag this puppy.