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Tie up 21 of your favorite terrestrial patterns on any suitable freshwater hook. These flies are for cold or warmwater species.


Swap deadline is August 31 2000. Make sure the flies make it to me by this date.

Send to:

Robert Morger
204 Lakeside Circle
Boerne, Tx. 78006


Flies are to be packaged and sent to SwapMeister with self addressed stamped envelope or box before the deadline. Make sure that you provide ample room and postage for return of flies.  Since another participant's flies may be larger and/or heavier than your own.  If you are from overseas and wish to participate in this swap, but are unsure of postage requirements, please contact the SwapMeister at the link provided below.


E-Mail the SwapMeister with detailed material list and tying instructions.  If you would like to add fishing instructions or other facts that pertain to the pattern that would be greatly appreciated.



Please fill in all fields completely to enter swap or click on Swapmeisters name and send e-mail to him.

If you fill out the form below I will send confirmation to you when I recieve the message and I will manually fill in name and pattern into swap page

Terrestrial Swap

This is not an automatic form I have to fill in the field manually so if your name and pattern doesnt show up immediately thats the problem. I usually will send back a reply within 24 hours. If I am offline for a while you can expect me to take 48 hours, if it takes longer than 48 hours call out the Coast Guard cause the boat done sunk, or drop me an e-mail at Robert Morger.



Swap Meister
Robert Morger

Richard Federation

to be decided

Doug Britton


Jack Flemmings

Schroeder's Hopper

Bruce P. Whittle

Al's Foam Hopper

Jack M Miller

Black Ant

Mike Closson

MC2 super bug

Marcus Harton
Steeve's Turbo Wasp
Brhaun B. Parks
Autumn Ant
Rick Zieger
Foam hopper