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Mini Clouser   Chartruese and White
tied by Gerald Goldsmith

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Hook : Mustad 34007 or 3407.
Weight : Small dumbbell 5/32 or 6/32.
First Wing : White bucktail.
Second Wing : Chartreuse bucktail.
Flash : Pearl Krystalflash.
Optional : Permanent markers.

Tying Instructions
1) Tie in dumbbell 1/4 to 1/3 the distance between eye and bend secure tightly.

2) Tie in a small clump of cleaned and hand stacked white bucktail, wrapping down from bend side of the dumbbell to the eye of the hook.

3) Hair should extend along the shaft of the hook.

4) Tie in a few strands of pearl Krystal flash the length of the bucktail or slightly longer.

5) Flip the fly over in the vise and tie in another clump of cleaned and hand stacked bucktail (chartreuse).

6) Wrap this clump in from the eye to the forward edge of the dumbbell, this will flare the hair up towards the point of the hook.

7) Whip finish and cement off.

8) Take permanent ink marker and make barring on the sides or spots to match local baitfish.

9) Fly should be about 2-3 inches in length.

Fishing Instructions

There is no wrong way to fish this fly as long as it is in the water.
This fly has probably caught more varieties of fish species than most others combined with the possible exception of the deceiver.