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Welcome to the site!

Hi this is my ongoing  fly fishing and fly tying project, ONTHEFLY a Onelist E-Mail Community.  Where you can sign up and share fly fishing and fly tying experiences and knowledge. Remember  TheWorld Wide Web On The Fly is always being worked on, bookmark it and come back often.
New on the Site  6/5/00

Have not been able to add much to the site for the last couple months due to work commitments and honey-do projects. Hopefully I will be able to remedy that soon. Over the next several months I will be changing the format of the site and filling in some of the blanks on the site.

Added these new swaps: 

Pat Damico's Carp Fly Swap so join up and get some great carp fishing flies.

Terrestrials we all use them sometimes they are the only thing that works. Join up and see what great patterns are being used in other parts of the country.


Hope you enjoy the site please come back frequently.

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On the Site
Patterns- Saltwater, WarmWater and Coldwater featured flies are located here.
Tips and Tricks- Try some of these tips and tricks to improve your fishing and tying.
Swaps- Join, view or start a swap from this page.
Articles- articles on different aspects of fly fishing and tying.
Photos- see people you have been sending e-mails to on the Members Corner Page.
Links- to other great sites on the World Wide Web.



This site is continually under construction....Bookmark and check back often.......Like something tell me about it.........don't like something I want to know...............

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