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A while back I wanted to tie up a bunch of really large flies. The kind you would throw at really big saltwater pelagic, marlin, wahoo, sailfish, dolphins and the like, the stuff dreams are made of. I tossed in a bunch of internet buddies and this is what we came up with....................Enjoy!

Big Flies For Big Fish Swap
Click on the picture to see pattern.

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Broggies Dolphin
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Modified Deceiver
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Disastrous Deceiver
nearnough.jpg (15961 bytes)
Nearnough Squid
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Abel's Holy Mackeral
nylonmul.jpg (33870 bytes) 
Nylon Mullet
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tresgen.jpg (118749 bytes)
Tres Generations Modified
squid.jpg (36609 bytes)
Squid Fly