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Ant Fact:

Ants have been living on the Earth for more than 100 million years and can be found almost anywhere on the planet. It is estimated that there are about 20,000 different species of ants. For this reason alone ants have been called Earth's most successful species.


The finished swap is below click on the pattern name to see the recipe.


Robert Morger
Fireant.jpg (17687 bytes)
Winged Fire Ant

Hook: size 12 standard dry fly
Thread: Coffee 8/0 Guidebrod
Body: Seed Beads red ant (3) 2 for rear and 1 for head
Hackle: Furnace
Wing: Short piece of mylar tinsel
Other Materials: 5 minute Epoxy

Gordon Mankins
gmankinsas.jpg (29250 bytes)
Puff Ant

Hook: Mustad 94838 (extra short shank, 1x fine, size 16
Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0
Wing: Optional
Hackle: Black dry fly
Body: 'Puff'-on-a-string

Glenn Seibert
gseibert.jpg (131298 bytes)
black/brown winged ant

Hook: Size 16
Body: Black Fine and Dry Dubbing
Tail & Wing: Small Natural Badger
Thread: Black 8/0

Alan DiSomma
ADisomma.jpg (7310 bytes)
Hi-vis Foam Black Ant

HOOK: Daiichi #1180 (std dry fly) Sz 12
BODY: Black closed-cell foam.
HACKLE: Black Chinese Hen

Jimmie G. Toney
jtoney.jpg (17693 bytes)
E-Z Sight Ant

Hook: Dry fly, size 12 to 20
Thread: Black
Abdomen: Black Fur
Visual Aid: Tuft of fluorescent synthetic yarn tied as an upright wing
Legs: Black hackle wrapped parachute style around the base of the fluorescent yarn
Thorax: Black fur

Ray Maltby
rmaltby.jpg (130482 bytes)
Furnace Ant

Hook: Dai Riki 305 size 14
Body: Ultrafine dry fly dubbing
Tail & Wing: Furnace hackle
Thread: 6/0

Robert Morger
wpe3.jpg (13462 bytes)
Rust Furry Foam Ant

Hook: Dry fly hook 10 – 18
Thread: 8/0 Guidebrod coffee
Body: Thin cut strip of rust Furry Foam
Legs: Furnace hackle

Tony Mince
tminceas.jpg (20180 bytes)
CDC Flying Black Ants

Hook - Standard Dry Fly
Tail – None
Body - Black Dubbing
Wing - CDC Feathers
Thorax - Black Dubbing

Thomas R. Eckert
gsiebert.jpg (189619 bytes)

Hook: lightweight Dry fly hook
Thread: matching color
Body: Thread
Hackle: sparse, clipped underneath

Bruce P. Whittle
bwhittle.jpg (13714 bytes)
hair legged 18 black fur ants


Hook: TMC 100 size 18

Thread: black 6/0

Rear and fore ant humps: black Hareline dubbing spun lightly on thread

Legs: 4 moose hairs

Brian Cole
cutterant.jpg (13763 bytes)
Cutter's Perfect Ant, size #18

Hook: Tiemco 900BL #12-#20
Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 - black/brown
Head: Fine & Dry - black/rusty brown
Hackle: Dry fly quality hackle - brown, Parachute style
Abdomen: Fine & Dry - black/rusty brown
Shellback: Elk/Deer hair - black/rusty brown
Post: Elk/Deer hair - black/rusty brown

Robert Morger
cowkiller.jpg (26323 bytes)
Cow Killer

Hook: size 12 standard dry fly
Thread: Coffee 8/0 Guidebrod
Body: SLF Dubbing formed into a dubbing brush orange, with black chenille between .
Hackle: Black dry fly hackle

Rick Tardy
rtardyas.jpg (23558 bytes)
Parachute ant

Rust Colored 8/0 Uni Thread
Size 16 Dry Fly Hook
Cinnamon Colored Beaver Dubbing
Brown Dry Fly Hackle

Mark Bennett
mbennett.jpg (9698 bytes)
Chernobyl ant


Bill Throne
bthorneas.jpg (24898 bytes)
#14 Red winged Ant


Jack Reynolds
jreynolds.jpg (185427 bytes)
red foam ant

Hook Size 12 wet fly hook
Thread to match foam or black
Body 1/2 size 12 foam spider body
Legs Brown or black hackle

John McBride
jmcbride1.jpg (1308939 bytes)
Hi-Vis-Spey ants

Hook: light wire #12
Thread: black 3/0 mono.
Body: black chenille (fine)
Spey: flo. pink feather (any kind)

Rick Koontz
February 19, 2000 (7).jpg (12962 bytes)
black ant/white CDC wings

Hook: Tiemco dry fly, size 16
Thread: 6/0 Black
head and thorax: black synthetic dubbing
wing: White CDC
hackle: Black

Jerry Schrader
jschraderas.jpg (29249 bytes)
realistic dry ant

Hook… Tiemco #102y size 19 this special hook was developed as a caddis fly hook. It has a wide gap and is down eye, 1x fine and black which helps to hide it in this pattern. It is available from Feather Craft.
Thread… Danville's Flymaster 60 black
Body… 5/32 X inch cylinder of Black ethafoam

Legs… heavy monocord knotted for joints.

Paul Waasdorp
pwaasdorpas.jpg (30305 bytes)
Fur Ant

Hook: Dry Fly Hook
Thread: Black
Abdomen: Black dubbing and deer hair
Head: Black dubbing
Legs: Black hackle

Kevin Anderson
kandersonas.jpg (24487 bytes)
Black Thread Ant

Hook: standard dry fly hook size 16
Thread: black or red 6/0
Abdomen and Thorax: black or red thread
Hackle: any rooster or hen hackle to match body color

Richard Federation
rfederation.jpg (12135 bytes)
Black Winged Ant


Jerry Caruso
jcaruso.jpg (44756 bytes)
Steeve's transparANT(orange)

Hook: size 12 Shrimp/Caddis
Thread: Copper Kreinik Blending Filament
Body(rear): Two Hot Orange Seed Beads/One Gun Metal Gray Seed Bead
Body(Front): One Hot Orange Seed Bead
Legs: Hot Orange FluroFibre
Antennae: Hot Orange FluroFibre
Eyes: Dot of Black Fabric Paint
Other Materials: Thin Silver Holographic Tinsel, 5 minute Epoxy

Robert Morger
btransparant.jpg (100055 bytes)
Black Ant (Steeve's transparANT)

Hook: size 12 standard dry fly
Thread: Coffee 8/0 Guidebrod
Body: Seed Beads black ant (4), 3 for rear body and 1 for head
Hackle: Grizzly for the black ant
Other Materials: 5 minute Epoxy

Rick Zieger
rziegeras.jpg (24075 bytes)
Black Foam Ant

hook size you want
thread black
body black foam
legs flexifloss

Colin J. McPherson
cmcpherson.jpg (56977 bytes)
Parachute Skues Ant

Tying Thread: Bennechi 8/0 tabacco.
Hook: 14 general purpose down eye.
Wing Post: white Polypropylene yarn.
Body: Chestnut coloured hare.
Hackle: Natural red.

Gene Holowachuk
gholowachukas.jpg (24888 bytes)

Hook: Mustad 94840 or Tiemco 100, size 12-20.
Thread: Black, 6/0 or 8/0 on the smaller hook sizes.
Body: Black closed cell foam cut into strips
(~3/16 for rear/front segments; ~1/8 for middle segment).
Hackle: Black.

Glen Spackman
gspackman.jpg (70058 bytes)
Miss Tiffany Ant

Hook: TMC 100, size 14
Thread: Black 6/0
Beacon Post: 1" hank from yellow braided nylon rope that has been unwound.(Any fluoro/high vis material will do)
Hackle: Orange, oversize, for approx. size 10 hook.
Thorax: Umpqua Black Crystal Seal
Abdomen:Umpqua Light Olive Crystal Seal

Jeremy Christensen
jercynas.jpg (28970 bytes)
grizzly ant

Hook: no 16 Dai-Riki dry fly hook
Body: 1/8" black foam cut 3/16" wide
Legs: grizzly hackle

Kevin Masten
kmastenas.jpg (25931 bytes)
Madam Ant 16

Hook: Tiemco 101, #16
Thread: Black
Underbody: Black Krystal Flash
Body: Black Rainey's Float Foam
Hackle: Black
Legs: Black Flex-Floss

Steven Heuser
sheuser.jpg (16028 bytes)
Fall Flying Ant

Hook: Standard dry fly hook like TMC 100
Thread: Brown 8/0
Abdomen: Yellow SLF, mixed with yellow Australian opossum
Thorax: Brown Australian opossum
Underwing: Twinkle organza
Overwing: Elk hair
Hackle: brown, clipped top and botto

John Erskine
jerskineas.jpg (29437 bytes)
Foam Black Ant

Hook: size 14-18
Thread: Black
Body: Black Closed Cell Foam
Legs: Black Hackle Feather